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Description of YCWhatsApp

YCWhatsApp APK is a great digital communication platform that is use to connect and communicate with an unlimited number of people all over the globe. The amazing matter is that the app is 100% free of charge. You do not need to pay money from your wallet.

YCWhatsApp app is modified from the original WhatsApp by customizing. It adds several attractive new functions and features that are not available in the official one. People do not want to tackle any hassle that disturbs communication. So, they prefer to install modified apps.

YC WhatsApp developers team designed, customized, and improved this app.

The main function is to maintain communication with friends by exchanging text messages and making audio & video calls. Besides, you can hang out virtually with group members by opening a group. You make audio and video calls to hang out smoothly.

Hang out virtually and pass a convivial time without going physically.

Features Of YCWhatsApp

People like those apps which have handy features to use. In this case, you are assured that YCWhatsApp latest version offers one of the most powerful features and functions of its market competitors resulting in many people daily installing and using it for their convenience virtual communication.

Now, see some great features below:

  • Having Flexibility to customize any area of the app to change the interface design
  • Conceal the online availability by enabling blue tick and double tick
  • Many new icons and tabs to customize the app
  • Download other's statuses and stories avoiding copyright it can be shared again
  • Different sizes of text can be used such as small, medium, and large
  • 250 characters are allowed to write to express an opinion but official WhatsApp allows only 139 characters
  • A lightweight app. So, it does not slow down your operational activity of the device
  • Starred the messages and files to preserve them for the future. If you delete the document you find it in the starred area
  • Enable DND mode to keep away from disturbing messages and calls

That’s not sufficient.

A lot more features that you enjoy after installing the app.

How Do I Add a Description of My Account?

Every account has an About section. You can describe yourself shortly to keep your information.  People can know about you and what you do.  So, the account holder focuses on the description.  Here, you are allowed  250 characters to write down.

Let's  see the step  below:

  1. First, go to the user interface and click on 3 dots from the top right corner.
  2. Secondly, tap on  Setting.
  3. Thirdly, click on your Account name.
  4. Finally, tap on the About section write about you and then save it.

That’s all

Now, you can put down your short details.

What Type Of App is The YCWhatsApp?

YCWhatsApp App is an online communication app that allows chatting, and audio &video calls. You can open a group and invite people to join. The app permits the group members to make video calls and hang out with their friends. No problem, wherever you belong to. The app helps you to reach.


YCWhatsApp APK is the quickest communication digital tool to find your friends. You can communicate with people without physical attachment. So, people do not need to consume much money and time. If you use the app maintaining the relationship is very easy. As a result, it gains popularity.

Overall, it is a free and quick app to maintain relationships.

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