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WhatsApp Silver APK Download for Android 2024

V 4.9.2 WA Silver

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Description of WhatsApp Silver

WhatsApp Silver APK is an alternative to the popular instant messenger WhatsApp. It is famous for its latest additional features and elements. Users get more advantages from this modified application whenever they connect and communicate with people all over the globe.

WhatsApp Silver app is a third-party application that allows cross-messaging and voice-over IP. Every moment you can keep in touch with your closest one by sending voice records & exchanging written text, and instant reaction symbols. Besides, it allows making audio-video calls to connect in a live way.

This application is designed and developed for Android users by an efficient third-party developer.

People can share different formats of documents and files such as images, PDF, video, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and so on. So, it is not only used for personal purposes but also professional. So, it is considered the best app in this arena.

Now, You can WhatsApp Silver download now to unlock 24 hours of communication.

Features Of WhatsApp Silver Application

People love the app for their smooth communication. The app is smoother than other apps as it allows customizing and adding new elements to change the app's appearance and other external parts. Now, you can see some attractive features of the app.

Let's see

  • Chat, call, and create a group to hang out
  • Pin the contact to fix on the top of the home screen
  • Star messages to bookmark important documents for future use
  • Create a schedule to message different times and dates in advance
  • Set a period to disappear messages so that it can help to avoid an embarrassing situation
  • End-to-end encryption to protect data and information
  • Create a channel and increase followers
  • Installing, calling, and messaging for free
  • Call and message unsaved numbers
  • Occupies a small space from the Android memory
  • Consume low internet data and battery charge

That's all for your convenience.

How Do I See Archived Chats on WhatsApp Silver APK?

If you archive your conversation and share things it helps you to extract in the future when required. It is needed to keep in mind that your Archive data and information are never deleted or hidden. It remains as backup messages.

Let's follow the steps

Step One: Open the WhatsApp Silver app Interface.

Step Two: Click On 3 dots from the top of the app home screen.

Step Three: Tap on the Chats

Step Four: Press on the Keep Chats Archived to enable it.

That's the steps to activate the mentioned function.

Now, you can keep your information for future use.

How To WhatsApp Silver APK Download Latest Version?

From here, you can download WhatsApp Silver latest version APK completely free for your Android device. Each new version brings with it something new. So there is no option to always stay updated when new features and functions are added to your application.

Does Silver WhatsApp Contain Any Harmful Elements?

No, the Silver WhatsApp app doesn't have risky elements that harm your device's operation and navigation. You can connect and communicate with people smoothly and easily without any sort of hassle. There is no bug, malware, bloatware, or virus in the app.


WhatsApp Silver APK is so convenient that permits its users to find their loved ones worldwide. You just message and call instantly to reach the last corner of the world. In different languages, people can communicate with each other as it can help to translate the message into their own language.

Users get updated news about their friends and family who live far from them.

WhatsApp Silver

4.9.2 WA Silver

86.2 MB

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