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WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK Download for Android 2024

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Description of WhatsApp Plus Reborn

WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK is an excellent modified messenger app. It is customized from official WhatsApp for the user's convenience. The app includes many new features and functions that give a huge user experience of digital communication.

Users of WhatsApp Plus Reborn App can contact their friends in different ways such as messaging and calling. If you install the app you can exchange written text to chat, and make audio & video calls. So, there is no need to consume much time to reach your closest one.

This app was designed and customized by Zippyshare.

It is easy to share different formats large files and documents by using WhatsApp Plus Reborn App. On the other hand, the original one does not allow its users to send large files at the same time. So, the mod app gets popularity remarkably.

Now, you can hang out with your friends virtually by conducting group video calls.

Main Features of WhatsApp Plus Reborn Application

Many apps mushroom in the modified messenger app field without maintaining proper quality. But, this app adds many quality features to defeat the competitors. So, people get attracted to the app. Some simple features are mentioned below.

Let's see

  • The app is updated regularly to keep it clean from risky elements such as bugs, malware, and viruses
  • Small in size app that occupies low space of the Android Memory
  • Send text and voice messages
  • Edit written messages within 15 minutes of sending
  • Follow safety, security, and legal rules and regulations
  • An encrypted app so that nobody can violate the data privacy policy
  • Features, functions, and installation, all are free of cost
  • Quality picture and video resolution
  • Anti-ban features
  • Lock the app and chat to avoid unwanted access

That's all now, many more features you can see and enjoy after real-time use.

How Do I Enable Last Seen And Online On WhatsApp Plus Reborn?

It is quite a privacy setting of this app. If you activate the option nobody can sense whether you are online or not. So, there is no option to face any disturbing messages and calls. As a result, users can perform their regular work effectively.

Let's see the steps

First step: Open the app home screen.

Second step: Tap on 3 dots from the top right corner of the interface.

Third step: Click on the Setting option.

Fourth step: Finally, see the Last Seen and online to enable. Click on it and select "Nobody" to activate it.

That's all.

Hide your online availability easily to avoid unwanted people. 

What is WhatsApp Plus Reborn Basically?

It is a social media app to connect and communicate with people digitally all over the world. Users can meet their friends and family frequently by conducting video calls and exchanging information through messaging. So, the relationship is very easy to continue.


A digital platform like WhatsApp Plus Reborn APK helps you to spend quality time with your friends. You never need to go to meet physically. Every day, every moment, you can keep in touch with your friends and get updates about them.

This app is so handy that allows its users to keep a sustainable bond.

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