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WhatsApp Mix APK Download for Android 2024

V 11.0.0 Nairo Mix

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Description of WhatsApp Mix

WhatsApp Mix APK is a customized version of the official WhatsApp. The difference between the 2 is the features. The modified version provides more features than the original one. So, people like the app very much. This is because users can customize their internal and external parts by using many new elements.

Nowadays, the instant messenger app dominates the world because it is a very handy medium to connect and communicate with others very quickly standing anywhere in the world. There are several useful communication apps among WhatsApp Mix App is one of them.

This app was redesigned and customized by Nairo Mix.

Presently, Mix WhatsApp APK has many user base for its unique features. The app helps to chat and talk with others virtually by exchanging text and making audio-video calls. So, you can avoid physical meetings with your closest friends.

The wonderful matter is that users can hang out virtually by opening a group and making group call.

Important Features Of Whatsapp Mix

The latest version of the WhatsApp Mix App adds many extra features through customization. Generally, official Whatsapp does not allow any customization. So, the mod app offers flexibility to design and develop the app at the users' own will. Some distinctive features are given below.

So, let's see

  • A lightweight app that occupies small memory space. So, never, find your device gets slow
  • Many new themes, wallpapers, and icons to customize the app and chat interface
  • Strong privacy that nobody breaches and steals your data 
  • Allowing 250 characters to write profile descriptions and post written status 
  • Send up to 100 images simultaneously 
  • Call and send messages to unsaved contacts 
  • Create a message schedule to send in advance 
  • Download others' stories or statuses and share them as post 
  • Create a community and keep similar groups under one umbrella
  • An anti-ban feature so that you do not get caught in a ban 
  • Enable last seen and online. So, nobody senses your latest online connection time

That's not enough for you, more features are available if install the app.

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How Do I Backup The Chat On WhatsApp Mix?

Sometimes, it is much needed to save chat messages and share files. In the future, some very important documents need to be extracted for use. In this case, if you enable this necessary option you can automatically create a backup.

Let's see the steps

First Step: Go to the user interface of the Mix WhatsApp App.

Second Step: Tap on the Setting option from the surfacing list.

Third Step: Then, press on the Chats option.

Fourth Step: Crawl a bit to click on Chat backup.

Fifth Step: Set up your Gmail Account.

Sixth Step: Then, Click On Back Up.

Seventh Step: Finally, wait a few minutes to finish the backup process.

That's all for completing the system.

Now, you can back up and use the data and information whatever you want.

Can I Conduct Audio And Video Calls Through WhatsApp Mix App?

Of course, you can make audio and video calls to talk with friends and family. To conduct calls, you need not pay a single penny from your wallet. So, you can keep updated about your friends by keeping in touch every moment digitally.


WhatsApp Mix APK improves your communication and connection dramatically. Now, you make friends with millions of people all over the planet. In this case, there is no need to meet physically. You just exchange text messages and make audio and video calls to reach instantly.

Overall, this digital communication tool helps you to find your friends at the quickest possible time.

WhatsApp Mix

11.0.0 Nairo Mix

42.64 MB

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