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WhatsApp Beta APK Download for Android 2024

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Description of WhatsApp Beta

WhatsApp Beta APK is a testing program that permits its users to get the latest and upcoming features and functions in advance. Generally, these features are yet to be released in the market. The authority performs it to justify the users' feedback about any features.

WhatsApp Beta also gets modified from the official one. Now, it has an APK version for Android users. It follows all the rules and regulations like the original WhatsApp. But, the app goes forward in different ways. This is because it focuses on exclusive features and the app performance.

The app is customized by a third-party developer by changing several elements, components, and codes. 

WhatsApp Beta App is being used to connect people all over the world like the original one. It allows its user to exchange text & voice records with other contacts. Besides, people can make audio-video calls to talk with others like a mobile phone call. Moreover, it allows sharing of documents and files.

Now, Beta WhatsApp APK is the best app to communicate personally and professionally.

Features Of WhatsApp Beta Application

People, who want to install the app, get full of the latest and exclusive features.  Now and then, users can identify new feature publishing to justify the users' experience of the features. Now, here, some features of this app are mentioned.

Let's see the useful features

  • Lock systems pattern, PIN, Password, and Fingerprint to avoid unwanted access
  • Edit Messages to get rid of errors in the text messages
  • Admin can control the group members joining
  • Keep One WhatsApp Account on multiple Android Phones
  • Link created to the multiple devices
  • Updates the Poll
  • More quality images and videos can be sent & share
  • Audio and video calls sound is clear
  • Bold, italic, strikethrough the text that is posted as a status
  • Disable the read recipients function so that the receiver does not get a notification if you see and read messages
  • Pin important Contacts  on the top of the home screen
  • Formatting the text font styles

That's all for your convenience.

How Do I Share the Live Location Of WhatsApp Beta App?

Live location is a very advantageous function for the users. Users can show exact locations and direct others to identify them. It helps friends to reach other friends very quickly through Google Maps. Some steps are given to enable it.

Let's see the steps

Step One: Go to the Beta WhatsApp App.

Step Two: Click on a contact with whom you share Live Location.

Step Four: Click on the Attachment sign from below the message text box that surfaces several options.

Step Five: Just, click on Location.

Step Six: Tap on Share Live Location and move your map interface. You can select your starting time - 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours or send your current location to the contact.

That's the effective steps

Live location sharing is a very nice function to find out anybody's exact location.

What is WhatsApp Beta?

WABeta APK is the most popular latest version of the official WhatsApp that allows you to unique and rich-features with advanced customization options. The most interesting thing is that for its end-to-end encryption, it has an automatic code verification feature.

By downloading WhatsApp Beta App, you will be more impressed with the new features that the app brings.

Is WhatsApp Beta A Secure, Safe, And Legal?

Yes, the app is safe, secure, and legal 100%. Authority always keeps focused on updating the app to add new features. So, people like it very much. Besides, people do not find any risky elements as it updates to remove the bugs and malware. In addition, it is fully legal and never entangled in any sort of illegal activities.

How Can I Download WhatsApp Beta APK Latest Version?

From this website, you can download Beta WhatsApp latest version APK by clicking the download button above or below. Also, if you want to get the updated file of any other modified version of WhatsApp, then always keep an eye on our website.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp Beta on multiple devices?

Of course, you can use this app on your multiple devices. You can link the app to multiple Windows devices by enabling the linked device option and scanning the QR code for your account.


Communication is now in your hands if you have WhatsApp Beta APK. Full of exclusive features are available that you do not see in other apps. Your everyday digital communication gets easier and more comfortable than before. Without any fear and doubt, you can install and use the app.

Nowadays, WABeta app is synonymous with smooth communication.

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