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WhatsApp Begal APK Download for Android 2024

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Description of WhatsApp Begal

Messenger app customization is a great thing for users because it allows the users to redesign the app at their own will and set new features and functions. In the modification messenger app field, there are a lot of competitors among all of them WhatsApp Begal APK is one of the most powerful apps. 

Begal WhatsApp App gives an excellent user experience. Now, people can connect with their friends easily. They can keep in touch with their friends and family by making audio & video calls and chatting. Every moment, users can remain updated about their closest one. 

WhatsApp Begal application was developed and published by Begal Developer. 

The interesting matter is that installation and all functions are 100% free. You need not pay money to chat and call. Every moment 24 hours, users can stay close to their friends. There is no need to go to meet physically. So, you can keep up the relationship with others nicely.

WhatsApp Begal App allows users to make huge friends digitally all over the globe.

Features Of WhatsApp Begal

The latest version of Begal WhatsApp APK is a bit more distinctive than other modified apps. This is because it offers some unique features and functions that are not available in other similar applications. As a result, it installs and is used frequently. Here, some simple features are displayed.

Let's see the features

  • Conduct audio & video calls to talk and see the other side person
  • Chat by exchanging voice and text messages so that you can express your feelings and opinion
  • Having a broadcast system to send one message to many people simultaneously 
  • Available many new elements to customize the app such as wallpapers, themes, icons, colors, backgrounds, etc.
  • Adding many instant reaction elements to share such as GIFs, emojis, emoticons, stickers, smileys, and so on
  • Create a schedule to send messages on different dates 
  • Copy others' written status and download images & videos that can be posted again without the problem of copyright
  • Pin Important Contacts 
  • Star necessary messages

That's all, if you want to get more you can install it.

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How Do I Star Messages On WhatsApp Begal?

It is very helpful for functions that want to bookmark their important messages, files, and documents that need to be used in the future. Whenever you need any messages to read, see and reuse you can find them quickly without spending much time.

So, let's see how to do it step by step

Step One: Go to the WhatsApp Begal APK home screen.

Step Two: Click on contacts to go chat interface whose messages you want to start.

Step Three: Now, tap on the messages that you need to bookmark.

Step Four: Then, see the top right side and tap on the star sign. 

Step Five: Finally, the Star icon surfaces below the message.

That's enough to make the option functional. 

Now, you can start your necessary file to bookmark.

Can I enable the DND mode of WhatsApp Begal?

Yes, you can enable it. People who deal with busy schedules need to avoid frequent calls and messages. In this case, users can enable "Don't Disturb Mode" to manage their work without any hassle. As a result, this function gains popularity. 


WhatsApp Begal APK eases and quickens communication digitally in all countries. Now, you need not detach from your friends and family for a long time. Moment of 24/7, users can chat and conduct audio and video calls to reach their closest people. 

If you have the modified app you never feel lonely. 

WhatsApp Begal

12.0 Begal Developer

33 MB

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