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WhatsApp 3D APK Download for Android 2024

V 63 Nairton Silva

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Description of WhatsApp 3D

WhatsApp 3D APK is a modified app version of WhatsApp. It adds many new features to polish the app differently that help to communicate smoothly and effectively. Different new elements are available in the app to modify the app's appearance. 

There are many modified messenger apps in the world. Among all of them, WhatsApp 3D App excels others by offering the best quality features and functions. If you install the app you never face any security and legal issues. It is very convenient for all walks of life as it is 100% free.

Nairton Silva developed and published the app for Android users.

As a messenger app, WhatsApp 3D APk is smooth, easy, and quick. You can make audio-video calls to reach every nook and corner of the world. People get updates about their friends and family. So, you grow a sustainable relationship with others without consuming time.

No need to go and meet people physically frequently if you have WhatsApp 3D Application.

Key Features Of WhatsApp 3D APK

Many useful features the app includes to satisfy the users. So, millions of people download and install GB WhatsApp 3D app. It is considered the best app in the modified apps field. This is because it has many distinctive additional features.  Some are displayed below.

Let's browse your eyes

  • A lightweight app that occupies small space from the Android Memory. So, users can keep it a low-end device.
  • Safe, secure, and legal app so that users can avoid hassle
  • Updates regularly to keep clean from bugs and viruses
  • Auto-answering when you are not available online
  • Create a group and hang out with the members through group calls and chat
  • Strong privacy as the app is end-to-end encryption
  • New icons, wallpapers,  themes, text fonts, and so on
  • New instant reaction elements to react during the chat

That is sufficient to satisfy

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How Do I Silence The Unknown Callers On WhatsApp 3D?

It is a wonderful function of this app. People always want to avoid unknown messages and calls. If you enable the option unknown calls keep silent. So, it is possible to keep away from unnecessary calls. So, the below steps must help you.

Let's see the steps

Step 1: Go to the home screen of the WhatsApp 3D APK.

Step 2: Click on 3 dots from the top right side of the interface.

Step 3: Tap on the Setting Option.

Step 4: Then, click on Privacy.

Step 5: Crawl below and click on Calls options.

Step 6: Finally, enable the Silence Unknown Callers.

That's the effective steps.

Now, you do not get the calling sound of Unknown callers.

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Is WhatsApp 3D A Clean App? 

The app is clean as it updates regularly to remove malware, bloatware, spyware, bugs, and viruses.  Generally, for smooth communication, updated an app keeps the role play. In this case, you can depend on it without any suspicion.  


WhatsApp 3D APK is an excellent messenger app for Android users. It is very famous in the customized app field. Now, users can talk and discuss with their friends without going physically. As a result, the app has been able to achieve popularity all over the globe.

The app helps you to maintain relationships with others every moment.


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