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VIP WhatsApp APK Download for Android 2024

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Description of VIP WhatsApp

VIP WhatsApp APK has enriched features and functions that amaze you. Basically, it is a converted version of official WhatsApp. This modification makes the app more easy, simple, and comfortable for Android Smartphone users.

Nowadays, it is possible to connect and communicate with many people all over the world instantly. To do so, users can exchange text and voice messages, and make audio and video calls to reach the friends and family who stay far away.

VIP WhatsApp App is designed and developed by a third-party developer changing different codes.

All people can find the app for free of cost. Anybody can install, message, and call without making any payment. Besides, updated VIP WhatsApp is a safe, secure, and legal app for Android users. There are no bugs and viruses that harm your device. So, you can trust it.

Now and then, VIP WhatsApp app updates to remove risky elements to keep it clean. 

Key Features Of VIP WhatsApp Application

Every day many people love to use the app for its convenience features. New elements adding and removing help to use the app comfortably. Now, some effective features and functions are displayed for your information.

Let's see the features of the app

  • Messaging instantly i.e. text and voice record
  • Edit messages to get rid of errors and shortcomings
  • Calling i.e. making audio, video, and group calls
  • Encrypted end-to-end so that you do not lose your shared data
  • Create and share the call link so that anyone can join the call by opening the link. Blocked users cannot use the call shared call link
  • Chat and app can be protected by password so that you can store your secret conversation. Create a lock chat separate folder to keep away from the mass
  • Pin contacts to fix on the top so that important can find easily to use
  • Star necessary message to bookmark
  • Anti-ban features so that you cannot get caught in a ban

That's an important issue for new and old users.

How Do I Unpin Different Contacts That Pins Previously On VIP WhatsApp?

Generally, sometimes, some contacts become so important that need to be used frequently. In this case, users have to pin it. But, when, necessity is fulfilled users go for unpinning the contacts. Here, some steps are given to unpin the contacts.

Step 1: Go to the VIP WhatsApp app interface.

Step 2: After that, tap on the   Pinned contact that is selected in a green tick.

Step 3: then, see the unpin symbol on the top middle of the interface. Just press on the unpinned sign. Instantly, it disappears from the pin list.

That's all the easy steps.

You can unpin and remove the contact from the top of the home screen.

Can I See The Block List and Unblock What I Previously Did On The VIP WhatsApp?

Yes, you can see your block list and unblock whoever you want to do, and return the normal list of contacts. It is very easy and simple to unblock. There is no need to be a tech pundit in this case. After unblocking, it is possible to exchange messages and make calls without any hassle.


Latest VIP WhatsApp APK is a very efficient and effective instant messenger app for all levels and classes of people. It is measured as one of the best apps in this field for digital communication. Presently, this app is used by millions of people daily for its convenient features and functions.

Now, users find updated news about their friends and family 24/7.

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