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Description of Pink WhatsApp

Nowadays, Mod Messenger apps are becoming popular in the world.  There are many modified messenger apps in the market. Among all, some are dominating the market. In this field, Pink WhatsApp APK is one of them. It is modified from official WhatsApp by adding several new features and functions. 

You can use this digital communication app like the original one. It helps to chat and make audio & video calls. Besides, you can create groups and invite people to join the group as a member. Group members can make video calls to hang out with each other and pass a convivial time. 

Pink WhatsApp is developed and customized by Omar Badeeb.

In the present world, the messenger app's appeal is increasing day by day for its more features and functions. Now, you do not need to meet people physically if you have Pink WhatsApp App. The app helps users to reach every nook and corner person within a short period. So, people like it very much. 

Connect and communicate with unlimited people at your own sweet weel. 

Pink WhatsApp’s main features

Pink WhatsApp app defeats its other competitors by offering wonderful features and functions. It contains a distinctive Pink color appearance i.e. icons, tabs, interface, etc. so, the app grabs the attention of people quickly. 

Let’s see some features

  • Designed the app by targeting the girls
  • Data encrypted that leads to avoiding information stealing
  • Strong privacy, security, and safety as it updates regularly to keep away malicious spyware, malware, and  viruses
  • Third-party & open source app that allows customizing easily 
  • Hide your online status by enabling privacy settings such as Last Seen and Online, Profile photo, About, etc.
  • Create a message schedule to send many messages in advance at the same time 
  • Many new collections of elements to change appearances such as background, color, themes, and wallpapers 
  • Different text fonts to write status 
  • Using themes home screen and chat screen can be modified 
  • Share large personal and professional files of different formats 
  • Create an avatar of the profile picture by adding different elements and outfits 

That’s not all about the Pink WhatsApp APK.

It has many more stored effective features for the users if you install and use it. So without any delay, you can download the latest version of Pink WhatsApp now.

How Do I Share Files, Photos, And Videos?

Wherever you stay, no matter what, you can share your important personal and professional files in different formats such as MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, image, video, and audio through this app. It is very simple and easy.

So, let’s see the process

Step One: Go to the user interface.

Step Two: click on a person’s account.

Step Three:  go to the Chat Box and click on Attachment Sign

Step Four:  Now, surface several options, you tap on document, camera, and gallery. 

Step Five: now you find your document files or photos and video from your Android device.

Step Six: Finally, select one file and p[hotos and then click on the below Arrow sign to share. 

That’s enough instruction for you to share anything.

Does Pink WhatsApp have Anti-ban Feature?

Yes, it has Antiban features. You do not get caught in a ban. So, you do not lose you important data and information that you share with others previously. As a result, this app create its strong foot in the modified messenger market. You can trust it for digital communication. 


Pink WhatsApp is a very useful mod app for communication lovers. If you use it you do not need to consume much time to meet physically. Every moment you can keep in touch with others. So, you can enjoy your busy schedule delicately. 

Now you can reach unlimited people in an unlimited area virtually. 

Pink WhatsApp

43 Omar Badeeb

80.69 MB

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