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Description of NOWhatsApp

Among the users of modified WhatsApp apps, NOWhatsApp APK is a popular application. It has been customized by developer Norahmods based on WhatsApp+. This app has customizable settings and features that expand throughout the application.

Download the latest version of NOWhatsApp App now to use the custom features that are added as extra to the original app functions. It is a 100% free app so no worry about your wallet. This safe and secure app for Android-based WhatsApp users unlocks many aspects of WhatsApp which are not accessible in the original application.

Now contact many contacts on NO WhatsApp APK absolutely free. Many people say that dropped the APK has, but not many people know that its popularity is increasing day by day.

Also, the app will not show ads so there is no hassle to use it.

Features of NOWhatsApp

This application is modified for ease of access and to enhance user controls and benefits. For Android users, the app's mod features are very handy and user-friendly. The latest version of NOWhatsApp App has added features for the enhanced. Let’s find out the key unique features of this app:

More characters: Now by using the app users can write up to 250 characters, which is limited to 139 words in the official app, to write a status.

Anti-ban: Users do not entangle in a ban as this mod has an anti-ban system. The feature helps you to find important information you have shared with others. Get the APK latest version now.

Large-size file Sharing: Up to 50 MB of audio, video and any other file can be shared via this mod of WhatsApp instead of the main WhatsApp’s limit of 16 MB. The list includes XLS, PDF, GIF, DOC and many more.

App Themes and Colors: Now you can add different themes and colors on the APK. It will allow you to customize WhatsApp to your heart’s content.

Different Screens: Now you can add different backgrounds on the Home Screen, Conversation Screen, or Contacts Screen as well as chat screens.

Ticks and Chat Bubbles: Under this menu, you can customize the Bubbles style and the Ticks style and configure different peaks for set screens. You can also customize the conversation style, room and floating button in WhatsApp NO APK.

Lock: You can lock different chats or the whole application with credentials so that you and only you can view what is in the app.

App Language: There are different languages available to use in NO WhatsApp App. You can use whatever language you like because it is baked into the application.

Clear logs: Now you can check the WhatsApp+ log as well as delete the logs you do not want to keep. This feature allows you to use WhatsApp to the fullest.

How to invite a friend to NOWhatsApp?

Step-1: First, open NOWhatsApp application from your Android device.

Step-2: Go to the chat tabs and tap on the new chat.

Step-3: Then, tap on the Invite Friends option.

Step-4: Send an invitation to your friends. That’s it.

Day by day there is a lot of hype on WhatsApp, so download it without delay and enjoy all the new features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How to use NOWhatsApp?

You must uninstall the original WhatsApp program first. As this app is a MOD of WhatsApp+, both cannot operate at the same time. Then simply install the application by clicking on the .apk file you downloaded and use it with full control. Now, you can message people on Whatsapp NO APK and discuss anything that you want.

  1. How to become invisible NOWhatsApp?

There are a few ways you can disappear from WhatsApp, like – hiding your last seen, hide your status, hide profile photo, removing blue ticks, and turning on airplane mode.

  1. Why no WhatsApp on iPad?

It is not available for iPad. This app is only for Android users.

  1. How to make stickers NO WhatsApp?

Open the App from your device and tap on the plus button and select regular/animated. Now select an image from your storage and tap the auto button then tap the next button and add some text or emojis to the stickers. Give emojis a new name and add it to WhatsApp. Now the sticker will show on your app.


If you are someone who uses WhatsApp+ and is currently looking for an app that bests that application, you are going to find NOWhatsApp APK as a great one. The customizing options and features will help you in a lot of ways to enjoy your time on the application and adapt it to your style.


10.08 norahmods

56.49 MB

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