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Green WhatsApp APK Download for Android 2024

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Description of Green WhatsApp

Green WhatsApp APK is a modified version of the popular messenger platform "WhatsApp". It is customized and used as an alternative to the official one. Now, users can use both apps to serve their different purposes. Two apps allow its users to connect and communicate with two different groups.

Customization creates a variety of the latest features in the app that attract users to download and install Green WhatsApp application. Different elements such as icons, themes, and, wallpapers can change to modify the appearance of the app and the chat interface. So, the app looks unique to other apps.

A third-party developer's team redesigned the app by changing different codes.

Functionally the modified app is well developed as it has many extra features that you do not get in the official one. Users can make audio and video calls to talk with their loved ones. Besides, you can send messages and share documents instantly and easily. 

Now, you do not need to meet your friends physically if you have Green WhatsApp APK.

Necessary Features Of Green WhatsApp App

The app has many advanced features and functions that are added by customization. New features increase the usefulness of the app. So, people can like the app very much. Some effective features are given below to get a brief idea about the app.

  • Chat, post status, and make audio-video calls to connect with others
  • Open Group to hang out with others virtually
  • Link one device to another device to keep continuing communication in any situation from anywhere in the world
  • Pin contacts on the top to fix presently. So, whenever you need to send messages and make calls it is not needed to search
  • Shared images and videos can be shared with other social media such as Facebook, TikTok,
  • Data and information are encrypted. If you share information and make any call nobody spies
  • Create a Poll to justify any opinion of others
  • Share location to trace in real-time
  • Backup and restore data

That's all to explain the app in short.

How Do I Lock Green WhatsApp By Fingerprint?

People are aware of their privacy. This is because messenger apps stay the number one position where most of the daily communication happens. Here, personal, professional, private, and secret issues are available. Users want to protect their privacy. In this case, the Fingerprint lock is very effective.

Let's see how to enable it step by step.

Step 1: Go to the interface of the Green WhatsApp App.

Step 2: Click on 3 dots from the top of the home screen of the app.

Step 3: Click on the Setting option.

Step 4: Tap on the Privacy option.

Step 5:  Surfacing many options, just crawl below and click on Fingerprint Lock.

Step 6: surfacing 3 timing options; Immediate, After 1 Minute, and after thirty Minute. Tick on one option to open and lock automatically.

That's the useful steps for the users.

Now, you can avoid unwanted access to your account if you have a fingerprint-enabled lock system. 

How To Create A Group on Green WhatsApp App?

You can send messages in group conversations in the app. Also, using the group link you can either join an existing group or start your group and invite members.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can set up group chats in this program

Step 1: First, download Green WhatsApp latest version APK by clicking on the download button above.

Step 2: Now open the app and click on the 3 dots icon on the right side.

Step 3: Click on the option called New Group.

Step 4: Now select the people you want to add to the group and tap on the down arrow button.

Step 5: Add a group photo with a group name of your choice and click the button below. Now your group is ready.

Can I Share Large Files And Documents?

Yes, You can. Green WhatsApp APK allows users to share different formats of files and documents such as images, videos, audio, PDF, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. Up to 100 MB of data can be sent simultaneously without any problem.

So, you can use the app for personal and professional purposes.

How To Share Green WhatsApp App Live Location?

If you want to share your live location, select the person you want to share it with and click on the message option that has an attached icon. After clicking on the attach option you will get an option named Location, Click on it and tap on the continue button. That's it.


Green WhatsApp APK is functionally an upgraded app. Users never get unhappy if they download and install it. Every day they reach their friends and family and talk to get updated news about them. So, if any incident happens people get the news immediately.

Presently, people massively depend on these types of messenger apps to communicate instantly.

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