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Description of GLWhatsApp

GLWhatsApp APK is an improved version of the official WhatsApp. It includes many additional features and functions by customizing internally and externally. Extra new features enhance the operational and navigational side. So, people love the app very much.

Fundamentally, GL WhatsApp APK supports its users to connect and communicate digitally. It is one of the most powerful and useful apps for Android smartphone users. Now, you can message, call, and open groups to keep in touch with friends and family who stay far away.

GLWhatsApp is designed and developed by RedWhatsApp.

At present world, there are a number of similar apps in the market. Among all of them, GL WhatsApp app grabs the attention of millions of people. Daily, hundreds of thousands of people use the app to reach their loved ones. So, it is gaining popularity every day.

Building relationships is easier than before as you can reach any person instantly and quickly.

Features Of GLWhatsApp Application

GLWhatsApp app is full of many features and elements that lead to changing in the appearance of the app dramatically.  People find comfort in connecting virtually. Now, you can identify some features below to get an idea about the app.

Let's see

  • Install and keep in a low-end device as it is a lightweight app
  • Download and copy others' status that can be shared without copyright issue
  • Strong privacy setting
  • Different and stylish themes and wallpaper collections to choose
  • Distinctive emojis, emoticons, stickers, GIFs, smileys, and so on
  • Lock chat to keep your messages private 
  • Set Auto-reply to answer the messages automatically when you are offline
  • Share different formats of large files and documents
  • Edit messages to get rid of errors
  • Hang out by group video call

That's all

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How Do I Post An Audio Status On The GLWhatsApp APK?

People want to share their moments in different ways such as written text, audio, videos, etc. Here, today, some steps are given below to post an audio quickly and effectively. So, new users can easily post any audio without consuming much time.

Let's see the steps

Step 1: Go to the home screen of the GLWhatsApp app.

Step 2: Click on Updates from the top middle of the interface.

Step 3: here, several options are seen, you just click on the pen sign from the below.

Step 4: In the below of Background, tap on the Audio symbol and say whatever you want to record. After finishing the record, press on green arrow and post your audio.

These are the easy steps

Now, you can post audio records within a short time following the above steps.

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Can I Schedule Messages On GL WhatsApp?

Yes, you can schedule messages for different times and dates. So, it is possible to send advance messages to different contacts. Generally, people have forgetful minds. Sometimes, they forget to send important messages. In this case, making a schedule is a very nice option of this app. 


Communication is now very quick and easy if you have GLWhatsApp APK. It allows the users to send messages and make audio and video calls to talk with friends. There is no chance to detach with others. Communication is running for 24 hours.

People can reach every nook and corner of the planet if they have an Android mobile and latest GLWhatsApp.

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