BTWhatsApp APK Download for Android 2024

V 18.20 Taha-Al-Qudsi

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Description of BTWhatsApp

BT WhatsApp APK is an excellent modified messenger app that is customized from official WhatsApp. You can like this app for its new features. Presently, millions of people use the app all over the world to connect and communicate. So, users install it on their Android devices.

Unsafe app hampers communication. People do not like those apps that contain risky components. In this case, BT WhatsApp App is 100% clean and smooth as it updates regularly. So, no dangerous viruses, malware, spyware, and bugs are found yet.

The app is designed and developed by Taha Al Qudsi in Yemen.

People prioritize colorful apps as different color provides different feeling and comfort to use. BTWhatsApp APK offers 4 colors of change Blue, Pink, Gold, and Red. Every color converts the app outlook differently. As a consequence, the appeal is increasing day by day.

You can choose any default color app for your own comfort.

Attractive Features of BT WhatsApp

Nowadays, people like attractive and functional apps. BTWhatsApp App is not only attractive but also functional. Both features increase its appeal to all kinds of users. At present, hundreds of thousands of people install it.

Let’s see the main features

  • Keeping multiple WhatsApp in one device at the same time serves many purposes
  • Strong privacy setting that helps to hide the contracts from others
  • Nobody senses that you are online or not as it gives you a chance to enable the blue tick and double   tick
  • Auto reply when you are not available online
  • Massage schedule to send many in advance
  • Send messages and call unsaved contacts
  • Keep your app Airplane mode to disappear online
  • Available new text fonts, instant reactions symbols, and many themes and wallpaper

Above all are not about the BTWhatsApp.

Install the APK version from this website you find many more in real-time.

How Do I Reply To A Group Message privately?

Sometimes,  some message replies should not be given in a group. This is because the message is associated with personal issues. So, it needs to be sent privately. This app has a wonderful facility to share messages from the group privately.

Let’s see how to send messages privately:

  1. First of all, go to the group and tap on your messages to select.
  2. Secondly,  after selecting, click on 3 dots from the top right corner of the chat interface.
  3. Thirdly, Now, you see several options from them just click on Reply Privately.
  4. Fourthly, you have been taken to the individual account with whom you want to exchange messages.
  5. Fifthly, now, you write text and attach different formats of files to share with individuals that nobody sees.

That’s the real process for you

Why Do People Choose BTWhatsApp?

Users prefer the modified BTWhatsApp App as it offers more latest features than the original WhatsApp.  Every old feature and customized many feature motivates the people. Besides, it is safe and secure to install and use.  There is no unsafe condition that makes your device vulnerable.


Now, communication has no distance. It is in your first if you have an Android device and BTWhatsApp APK. Users can chat 24/7. In addition, it allows us to make audio and video calls. You meet your friend every day without going physically.

Connect and talk unlimited time standing anywhere in the world.

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79.8 MB

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