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AWT WhatsApp APK Download for Android 2024

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Description of AWT WhatsApp

AWT WhatsApp APK is a modified application for communication that offers a set of new features to attract users. It is customized from the original WhatsApp. Now, you can connect and communicate with people all over the world instantly.

AWT WhatsApp App allows its users to message and call. Users can send voice records and written text to their friends and family. Besides, users can make audio and video calls to go live and talk in real-time. So, people love the app very much.

The App was developed and published by Artwebtechwa.

AWT WhatsApp MOD APK is very useful as users can add many new elements to modify at their own will. Using different elements, the app improves its operational area. Virtual Conversation and messaging are very easy and smooth. So, it enhances the user experience. 

It is an exciting app for all classes of people.

Important Features Of AWT WhatsApp Application

AWT WhatsApp updated version APK offers its users several latest features that must be amazed hugely. It is a very effective and efficient app for everyday digital communication. Now, for the users' convenience, some features and functions are given below.

 Let's see the features

  • Create a group and conduct group calls to hang out with friends and family
  • Having an anti-deleted system to see deleted messages and statuses
  • Different background and text styles to post status
  • Sending messages editing and changing the wrong file attachment
  • Anti-ban system to avoid getting ban
  • Pin different contacts to fix on the top
  • Use the Star option to bookmark messages
  • Allowing to Send 100 photos simultaneously 
  • Profile toast system allows surface notification for a limited time

That is all for today

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How Do I Turn On the Chat Lock?

Privacy is a great thing for this app. Every day, people call and chat with their friends and family. They share different secret issues. So, to avoid unwanted access, it is very needed to lock it. In this case, different lock systems can be applied particularly Fingerprint.

Let's see some steps to enable it

Step One: Go to the User interface of the AWT WhatsApp App.

Step Two: From the top right side, click on 3 dots.

Step Three: Now, tap on the setting.

Step Four: Then, press on the Privacy option and crawl below.

Step Five: Finally, click on Fingerprint.

Step Six: At Last, click on Unlock with Fingerprint and tick on 1 option from the list of Immediately, After 1 minute, or After 30 Minutes.

That's alright.

Overall, the Fingerprint lock keeps your account safe and secure.

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Why Do I Use AWT WhatsApp App?

You can use AWT WhatsApp latest version App to connect and communicate with people worldwide digitally. It is an instant messenger app for people allowing them to exchange different types of messages i.e. text and voice records. By conducting audio-video calls, users can talk to friends and family who stay far away. 

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AWT WhatsApp APK is a clean application for communication. Users can reach the last corner of the world virtually. The app helps people to keep in touch 24/7. So, it helps to get updated news about their loved ones. As a result, the messenger app has gained popularity throughout the world.

Now, you can install AWT WhatsApp update version from this website for your convenience.

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