What's new in WhatsApp Plus 2023 updated version?


WhatsApp Plus APK is a very popular application among users of WhatsApp MODs. This means the application has enough custom features and extensive control over the service that hundreds of thousands of people use this modified application. So, the developer of this MOD is always ready to beef up their application and support the users with new features and fixes.

If you are using an Android device of version 5.0 or higher, you can use the latest WhatsApp Plus MOD developed by Rafaelete. The benefit of this MOD is that there are features in this rendition of the application that allows the users to use the features of WhatsApp with more control and extra customization capabilities. There are features that the original WhatsApp does not allow to be used.

What Are The New Features That Are Added In The Latest WhatsApp Plus?

Since the first version, this MOD has allowed users to have more control over the official app and the latest version does not differ from the motto. In the latest version, there are features that add to the user experience for example, adding more control and customization. However, let's see the new features below.

  • The visual themes library has been updated with 700+ new themes to customize each part of the application to your heart’s content. Chat background, contacts list, colors, and texts all of these and more can be customized.
  • Even larger audio and video files can be shared in the latest version of WhatsApp Plus: there are no limits now in the latest version on how large a file size can be.
  • Original quality is now preserved while sending or downloading photos and videos.
  • New emoticons are available to be used only in this version of the application.
  • Now you can use the quick share feature of your phone from the WhatsApp Plus client.
  • Texts can be copied and pasted partially now in this version.
  • Now you can forward a message to any number of people individually at once instead of only five at a time.
  • Now from the chat screen, you can see the connection hours and status of your contacts.
  • Your profile picture can be hidden now from the latest version of this MOD app.
  • Now you can download the status of your contacts and restrict them from knowing that you’ve seen their statuses.
  • In the latest version, you can read a message without letting the other person notice.

How To Download And Install The Latest Version Of WhatsApp Plus?

  • After backing up all your chats to Google Drive, you are ready to download the latest version.
  • Then Download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus from the Download button above.
  • You will then uninstall the official version of WhatsApp because the phone will think that it is the same application and will restrict you from installing WhatsApp Plus.
  • You will then find the APK of WhatsApp Plus that you’ve just downloaded from the File Manager on your phone and open that.
  • You will be prompted to allow installation from an unknown source if you do not have the option turned on already. Your application will be installed after getting permission for installation from unknown sources.
  • Finally, you will open the newly installed application and accept the Terms and Conditions of WhatsApp to get the backup and run WhatsApp with full control.


This latest version of WhatsApp really brings some important changes to the table over its attractive Blue-colored interface. These enhanced controls and features allow the users to enjoy their journey in the WhatsApp MOD life with WhatsApp Plus latest version.