What is OB WhatsApp APK?


OB WhatsApp APK is the most popular free messaging platform for Android users which was designed and developed by Omar Annabi. Another name of this application is Purple WhatsApp.

Purple WhatsApp APK offers a variety of additional features and functions and allows customization of the app's interface. So that users can customize their app interface as they like.

This app is divided into several colors so that users can choose their preferred color and use it. They are-

  1. Purple WhatsApp or OBWhatsApp
  2. Pink WhatsApp or OB2WhatsApp
  3. Blue WhatsApp or OB3WhatsApp
  4. Green WhatsApp or OB4WhatsApp
  5. Red WhatsApp or OB5WhatsApp
  6. Gold WhatsApp or OB6WhatsApp

Features of OB WhatsApp

  • Hide online status, blue tick and a typing indicator
  • Ability to customize themes, fonts, and overall look
  • Large file size limit for sharing media such as video, image, and audio files
  • Schedule messages, send bulk messages or auto-reply
  • Using multiple accounts on the same device
  • Access to a wide array of emojis, stickers and emoticons

OB2WhatsApp or Pink WhatsApp APK

If you are a pink lover then the OB2 WhatsApp app is for you. Because pink is used in the full interface of this app. It is a third-party or MOD version of the original WhatsApp.

On this latest Pink WhatsApp, you can enhance your chatting experience. It provides lots of advanced features which are not available on official WhatsApp. This application was designed and developed by Omar Al Wardi.

Features of OB2 WhatsApp

  • Send text, photos, videos, documents, and voice messages to individuals or groups
  • Make free voice and video calls with people
  • Temporary photo, video, or text updates are shared and visible for 24 hours
  • Strong privacy and security features
  • Access WhatsApp account in the computer's web browser or through a desktop application
  • Share live location or static location
  • Create group chats with up to 256 participants

OB3WhatsApp or Blue WhatsApp APK

The version of OBWhatsApp or OB3WhatsApp is one of the most popular modified versions that provide additional functions to enrich the user's messaging experience. This mod version was developed by Omar Badeeb.

So, you can download WhatsApp Omar Blue or OB3WhatsApp or Blue WhatsApp Latest Version APK for your Android device completely free. Smart people choose smart things, this app is a perfect example. From this application, you can find many great features to make it more fun and smooth.

Features of OB3 WhatsApp

  • Additional privacy settings to hide online status, blue ticks, or typing indicators
  • Themes, font styles, and other visual customization options
  • Increased file size limit for sharing media files
  • Ability to view messages deleted by the sender
  • Expanded emoji and sticker collection
  • Create a schedule to replay automatically
  • Hide online status from specific contacts

OB4WhatsApp or Green WhatsApp APK

OB4WhatsApp is the best modified version for green lovers. This app is also known as Green WhatsApp. It is an alternative application that is customized from the original WhatsApp. It provides lots of unique features and customization options that are not available on official WhatsApp.

OB4WhatsApp or Green WhatsApp APK was designed and developed by Omar Al Akhdar.

You can download WhatsApp Omar Al Akhdar or OB4WhatsApp or Green WhatsApp APK's latest version to enhance your chatting experience.

Stay and connect with your friends and family using the OB4 WhatsApp app free all over the globe 24 hours.

Features of OB4 WhatsApp

  • Visibility, read receipts, online status, and more privacy-related features
  • Themes, fonts, and other visual customizations
  • Ability to share large files, long videos, or high-quality images
  • Permission to view messages deleted by the sender
  • Managing and customizing notifications
  • Hide private conversations
  • Customize privacy settings
  • Use fingerprint, pin, and pattern to secure the chatbox

OB5WhatsApp or Red WhatsApp APK

OB5WhatsApp APK is a third-party application, it comes with lots of cool features and functions which is not available on official WhatsApp. To enrich your WhatsApp experience, you can use this latest version of the application.

This quiet feature pattern provides you with a more fun and smooth interface so that you can comfortably make audio or video calls and messages with your contacts.

So you can download WhatsApp Omar Al-Ahmar or OB5 WhatsApp or Red WhatsApp APK for your Android device to connect 24 hours with your known people.


The updated OB5Whatsapp Omar APK leaves no gap to make your conversation more fascinating and compatible.

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Features of OB5 WhatsApp

  • Freeze last seen status
  • Anti-Delete Status and Messages
  • Activate the dark or night mode
  • Added navigation effects
  • Hide archive messages
  • Forward messages to over 1000 people
  • Status characters have been enhanced to more than 700 characters
  • Increased limits for sharing large files, longer videos, or higher-resolution images

OB6WhatsApp or Gold WhatsApp APK

OB6 WhatsApp or Gold WhatsApp APK is an alternative version of WhatsApp, it allows users to personalize their apps with a customized interface. This application helps to enrich the WhatsApp messaging experience.

You can download Omar Al Thahabi WhatsApp or OB6WhatsApp or Gold WhatsApp application. Its cool features provide you with a smooth and amazing interface with customization options. This updated or latest version allows you to hide last seen and you can freeze your activities from others.

Features of OB6 WhatsApp

  • WhatsApp base update
  • Allow the use of multiple accounts
  • Added a new default theme
  • Hide messages
  • User-friendly interface
  • Hide unimportant and current activities
  • Forward messages to more than 1000 user

Last Word

OB WhatsApp APK is the best alternative version of WhatsApp, using this mod version you can change your app's interface like- fonts, and themes, and can hide online status, blue ticks, or typing indicators as you wish. So download this updated app install it on your device and increase your WhatsApp experience.

Stay and connect 24 hours around the world with your known people using the OBWhatsApp application.