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AN WhatsApp

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Description of AN WhatsApp

AN WhatsApp APK is an unofficial third-party open-source application that was customized and converted from the official WhatsApp. It is very popular for its very distinctive features and functions. Using this app, you can connect with a lot of people to maintain communication.

AN WhatsApp App keeps up the existing features and adds some new features to attract users. Now and then, the app updates and upgrades to keep the app clean and smooth. The app does not have risky elements that harm your Android.

AN WhatsApp was developed by Ammar by customizing the original Whatsapp functions.

This app is considered an excellent alternative to the official one. It can be used to call by sending text messages. Besides, it permits audio and video calls to talk with your friends and family. In addition,  ANWhatsApp APK allows you to virtually hang out with friends by opening a group.

Now, connect people 24 hours and pass the best time.

Features of AN WhatsApp

New features give a new taste of communication, every moment you can pass a convivial time with a lot of friends without going physically. This new app curves a distinctive position in the app market for its unique a bunch of features that are given below.

Let's see some important features and functions

  • Getting copyright-free content to share by copying, saving, and downloading from other's statuses and stories 
  • Call and send messages to unsaved contacts 
  • Freeze the last seen to hide the online availability from friends 
  • Having Security locks like pattern, password, Pin, and fingerprint to avoid unwanted access to your account. It helps to keep you hide your confidential data. 
  • Disappear forward tag after forwarding the messages 
  • Chat back up in google drive and restore when required 
  • Many new functional elements and instant reaction symbols to use to change the appearance and react instantly respectively 
  • 250 character limits to explain your written status
  • Hide typing and recording popups during the chat so that the other end person does not sense whether you answer or not 

That’s not all.

More features are waiting for you if you install the AN WhatsApp APK from this website. So without delay click the above download button and the latest version AN WhatsApp download now.

How Do I Unpin The Pined Account?

Sometimes, you need to unpin from the pin that has no importance at all. Now and then, some accounts get important for some days. So, you pin those. After a certain time, you can unpin those accounts that are unimportant.

How do you do that Let’s see below

Step 1: Go to the user interface of

Step 2: Tap the Pinned account firmly

Step 3: Now, the Pin symbol surface on the top of the home screen

Step 4: Then, you just tap on the Pin to unpin the account

That’s all to complete the process


Messaging and calling help the users to make conversation with their friends. AN WhatsApp app is easy and comfortable to operate every day. You can manage a lot of new friends by using the app. By hanging out with new friends, you can easily know each other's society and culture.

So, find and meet new people every moment to maintain a connection.

AN WhatsApp

35 Ammar

77.41 MB

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77.41 MB

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