ALWhatsApp APK Download for Android 2024

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Description of ALWhatsApp

ALWhatsApp APK is a very effective and useful communication messenger app that allows users to connect with people by exchanging text messages & voice records. It also permits the users to make audio & video calls. This app is considered a clone of official WhatsApp as it is a customized version.  

There are a lot of alternative messenger apps in the market like AL WhatsApp. But, among all of them, this app is the best for its wonderful features. Now, you can use this app to communicate with people all over the world 24/7. So, no need to go anywhere physically to keep in touch with others.

ALWhatsApp App is designed and published by Nasser Al-Jaidi. 

AL WhatsApp APK has a nice feature that permits users to open groups. People can invite their closest friends and relatives to join. So, users can continue chatting and making group audio & video calls. It helps to hang out with friends without physical attachment. 

Now, you can keep close to your circle and get updated all the time. 

ALWhatsApp App Features

There are some new features that you do not find in other similar apps. As a result, the app gets huge popularity in the messenger app market.  Some unique features are demonstrated below to highlight the app. 

Let's see the features

  • The encrypted app helps the users to keep their information secret
  • Different languages can allow people to use the app smoothly and communicate easily
  • Large files and documents can share within a short time. Users can send up to 50 MB of files simultaneously
  • 100 photos and 50 MB of videos can share at the same time 
  • Edit messages within 15 minutes of sending 
  • Disappear forward message tag 
  • Auto reply functions when you are not available online
  • Strong security and privacy 
  • 250 character limit to writ status and describe the profile description
  • Block disturbing numbers' calls and messages 

That's not enough. You find many more after installing the app.

How to Set UP Privacy of ALWhatsApp?

The privacy setting is a very significant feature of this app. If users set or enable it other people never see your personal information. So, you can protect your confidential information.  Some useful options are available to enable in this section. 

So, let's see how to enable it

First Step: Go to the ALWhatsApp App Interface.

Second Step: Now, you need to tap on the 3 dots. 

Third Step: After that click on the setting option.

Fourth Step:  Then, click on the Privacy option.

Fifth Step: Finally, several options surface – Last Seen & online, Profile photo, About, Read receipts, and so on. You just enable whatever you need.

That's all.

Now, you can protect your privacy.

Do I Edit messages Several Times?

Yes, you can edit your message several times within 15 minutes. It is a very nice feature of ALWhatsApp App. If you send anything, and suddenly you see it has several errors; you can instantly edit and rectify everything and send again the same messages.   


Now communication is in your fist. You can find whomever you need 24 hours. Use an Android mobile set and install AL WhatsApp APK to reach your friends within a short time. Presently, messenger apps are the greatest communication tool for identifying your friends. As a consequence, millions of people use it frequently.

Overall, the app is an easy and comfortable digital communication way for busy people.    

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