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Description of AG4WhatsApp

AG4WhatsApp APK is the best and most popular messaging application. This is a modified version for official WhatsApp.

There are many digital ways to keep continuing connection and communication. Among all of them messenger app is very famous and popular in the world. In this field many competitors are available. Today, a discussion will be put down about the AG4WhatsApp app for the notice of the users.

AG4 WhatsApp APK is a modified messenger application for Android Smartphone users. It is published as an alternative to official WhatsApp by adding and removing different features. As a result, people can communicate more smoothly than using other similar apps.

A third-party developer changed the code from the original one and designed the AG4 WhatsApp.

People show their interest as Android users can keep both the original and mod app at the same time without facing any technical problems. So, two different purposes can be served. Suppose, users want to segregate from personal contact to professional contact that time it can be easy to use one app for personal and another for professional.

Now, communication is very effective and efficient for the users.

Main Features Of AG4WhatsApp Application

There are some unique features of the app that it adds by customizing. The features are very functional for Android users. People can find many features that are not available in similar competitors resulting in it becoming popular worldwide.

Let's see the useful features

  • Conduct audio-video calls to go live and talk with friends and family
  • Text and voice records can be exchanged with others to share views
  • Share different documents and files
  • Create groups and add members so that it is easy to hang out by making audio video call
  • Edit your sending messages and change the attached file to make everything error-free
  • Encrypted app. So, people do not lose the shared data and information
  • Anti-ban system to escape the ban
  • Anti-deleted function to see deleted status and messages
  • Create channels and boost the followers

That's the features for the users. So you can download AG4 WhatsApp latest version APK from here.

From here, you can also download or you can use alternatively AG WhatsApp APK, GB WhatsApp or  WhatsApp Aero APK.

How Do I Share Live Location On AG4WhatsApp?

Live Location sharing is a useful function of the app. People can do it easily as it is very simple. Here, some steps are given for all classes of users. Now, you browse your eyes below to get a brief idea about the functions facilitating.

Let's see the functional steps

Step One: Open AG4 WhatsApp app home screen.

Step Two: Click on a contact with whom to share your location.

Step Three: Now, see the chat writing box and click on the attachment symbol. Several options have surfaced. You just tap on the Location option.

Step Four: Then, identify 2 options Share Live Location and Send Your Current Location. In the first option, you can select an hour and share. Second, the option allows sending Live Locations directly.

That's all to help you.

It is a handy option for those who want to trace their friend's location within a short time

Why Do I Need to Clear Chat of Any Contact of the AG4WhatsApp?

Sometimes, people need to share different confidential issues with others. If it remains in the chat it makes misunderstanding when other friends and family members see or read. That is why chat necessitates clearing.


Messenger apps dramatically change the digital communication arena. In this field, there are many solid and modified apps. In the modified field, AG4WhatsApp APK is very popular for its wonderful features and functions. Nowadays, this app is installed and used by millions of people daily.

Now, you can chat and call 24 hours without any problem.


35.15 Asim Mahjoub

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